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byMichael onJaspa 3
State: Victoria

I bought my first Jaspa 3 as a try out but was so impressed bought my second one within the month of the first so the hearing in both ears are fully covered. Although to be honest one does the job well. The biggest test was well and truly exceeded by Jaspa 3 when I went for a bicycle ride with a friend who is very quietly spoken and hard to hear at the best of times. On my bike ride this morning I heard my friend clearly from behind and when riding side by side. For the first time in many years I also heard the birds quite loudly as I rode along. I can't recommend Jaspa 3 highly enough for doing the job exceedingly well at a relatively cheap price.

byIan onJaspa 3
State: ACT

I have bought a Jaspa 3 for my left ear, which is slightly deaf (I'm 90 yrs old). I'm very impressed with its versatility - four different programs, each with many levels of volume. It is taking me a while to work out the best setting for different purposes, but I'm very happy that it has improved my hearing a lot. I'm thinking of getting another for my right ear.

byKerry onJaspa 3
State: QLD

I have this hearing aid for some weeks and have found it superior to my much more expensive hearing aid for watching TV, in general conversation with more that one person and in a crowded environment like restaurants, hotel dining areas etc. The hearing aid is easy to control the volume and also the different programs.

byZoran onJaspa 3
State: NSW

My 92 yr. old mother was about to spend $5000+ on a hearing aid so I got a Jaspa 3 after reading some reviews. My experience around older people is that many of them end up not using their often expensive hearing aids because of too much background noise. My mother is delighted with the device and we can now have a decent conversation without having to constantly apologise or guessing whether to say yes or no. My hearing also has some issues so I bought one for my self and will get one for my wife. I just was not prepared to spend huge money for something I may have not wanted to use or that may not have functioned satisfactorily. These devices work well.

byChris onJaspa 3
State: Sunshine Coast, Qld

I purchased these for my elderly Mum who was continually having problems with the 'expensive' set from the hearing aid specialists. What a difference, she could actually hear properly again, both face to face and when speaking on the phone. They sat comfortably, and, most importantly, they vastly improved her ability to communicate effectively. The assistance from Found Hearing was second to none and their follow up and instructional videos, exceptional.

byDenis onJaspa 3
State: Qld

The Jaspa 3 would rate right up at the top of any survey. A very effective hearing aid, easy to manage and at an appropriate and reasonable price point. I am now hearing sounds of the world that had become but a distant memory of how good those sounds were- not to mention being able to better be a part of conversations. Thanks again

byGeorge onJaspa 3
State: VIC

Nice to finally have a high-quality device for a low cost! They keep saying that hearing aid prices are coming down, but even the lower priced hearing aids are around $2000. I can certainly say the Jaspa 3 hearing aids are excellent. Great clear sound, and variety of sound settings to choose from.

byPaul onJaspa 3
State: NSW

These are very natural sounding hearing aids. The real benefit is being able to very easily control the volume to suit yourself. I will increase the volume for TV, and then reduce it a little if I go out with friends. Very convenient and the fit is excellent.

byNancy onJaspa 3
State: NSW

I would recommend the Jaspa 3 hearing aid! I started with one Jaspa 3 hearing aid and within a few weeks I got another one for the other ear! They sit comfortably behind my ears, almost invisible really from the front. I can hear TV, birds, and family conversation is much clearer.

byCameron onJaspa 3
State: QLD

I heard about the Jaspa 3 hearing aids from a friend and when I saw them and the price, I knew I had to get a pair. They have been brilliant so far, and I would recommend to anyone who wants a highly affordable device that performs just like expensive hearing aids.

byJulie onJaspa 3
State: WA

A brilliant little hearing aid. I have been waiting to purchase something more affordable and the Jaspa 3 ticks all the boxes. They are easy to use, I can hear much better at bridge, and when I’m out and about in general.

byAnthony onJaspa 3
State: QLD

I have already placed my order for two of these after utilising them as loan devices for two weeks. What more is there to say?

byLola onJaspa 3
State: NSW

I can hear my wife’s voices much better, especially around the house and when in the car. I use them most days and have found a great improvement.

byBlair onJaspa 3
State: QLD

These hearing aids were honestly better than most hearing aids I have tried in the past, and I have worn hearing aids for 10 years. The style and small size is very impressive, but it’s the fantastic clear sound that made me go ‘WOW’.

byStuart onJaspa 3
State: QLD

I utilised the Jaspa 3 aids for two weeks during the time when my hearing aids had been lost. I was very surprised that these were coming to market at such an affordable price. The sound quality and comfort is excellent, and certainly parallels the performance of my current hearing aids which I paid over $6000 for.

byPeter onJaspa 3
State: QLD

I used the Jaspa 3 hearing aids when my hearing aids were in for repair. I previously wore CIC hearing aids which were entirely inside the ear. After using the Jaspa 3 I noticed that they seemed to outperform my regular hearing aids, and also provided superior comfort. I have since only worn behind- the- ear styled hearing aids. I would definitely recommend the Jaspa 3 as an excellent hearing aid.

bySharon onJaspa 3
State: QLD

The Jaspa 3 is smaller than my regular hearing aid and this alone made me excited to try them! They are the same style as my regular ones, but very hidden behind my ear. The sound quality was excellent and I couldn’t believe how good they were. I have been waiting for them to become available for sale since I first used them.

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