Found Hearing is now PocketAid with an expanded range of hearing aid options! The Jaspa 3 is still available on our new site, along with the Jaspa 3 Dura (Rechargeable) and Spot Mini CIC.

Jaspa 3 Technology

World Class Micro-chip

The digital micro-chip inside the Jaspa 3 utilises the same micro-chip components used in many of the world’s leading hearing aid brands.

Programs that Suit Your Hearing

The Jaspa 3 is custom designed to suit a broad range of hearing loss types and configurations.

Comfort Ensured.

The Jaspa 3 weighs just 5 grams, and sits sleekly behind your ear. The tubing has been refined to under 1 mm, for an ultra-discreet look from the side angle.

Volume and Program control

Simplicity is an important part of the Jaspa 3 experience. We believe a back-up is not a real back-up if there are lots of extra jobs required on the part of the wearer to use the device.

The Jaspa 3 is equipped with a simple toggle switch control on the device itself, which allows the user to easily decrease or increase the volume to suit their listening needs. The same toggle is used to change the program to suit various listening environments. Follow the instructions for use.

The Hearnow Products range has been featured in:

Jaspa 3 Programs

Program 1

General listening in quiet settings. Program 1 is your start up setting and is best used for listening to one-on-one conversations at home, or listening to speech in relatively quiet environments.

Program 2

Listening in noise. Program 2 will reduce background noise to enhance your clarity of speech in noisier settings such as cafes, restaurants, or large social gatherings.

Program 3

High pitch cut. For those with a bass or low to mid frequency hearing loss, Program 3 increases the amplification for low and mid frequencies and reduces the volume of high frequency sounds. It can also be used to reduce high frequency environmental sounds such as noise from the kitchen, (plates and cutlery), and shrill or high frequency sounds such as running water and bird calls.

Program 4

High frequency boost. For those with more significant levels of hearing loss, and specifically those with extensive high frequency hearing loss, program 4 increases the amplification of high frequency sounds. This program enhances and clarifies soft speech, children’s voices, and TV dialogue.

Health Fund Rebates for the Jaspa 3

Click Here to find out more about claiming health fund rebates using your extras cover.

Want to know how each program can assist you for all your listening needs?
Why not use our interactive Program Recommendation Tool

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Buy Jaspa 3

What’s in the Box?

Jaspa 3 comes with everything you need included in the box, including cleaning tools, various dome sizes to fit any size ear canal, tubing to fit either ear (left or right), a 312-zinc air battery, and user guide.

1x Jaspa 3 Hearing Aid

+Hard protective case

+Left and Right tubing

+All cleaning tools

+Zinc air 312 battery

+User Guide

+Assortment of dome sizes

Jaspa 3 Batteries

The Jaspa 3 takes a zinc air 312 battery. The battery will last up to 2 weeks in the Jaspa 3 with regular usage. Packets of batteries for the Jaspa 3 can be bought via our Jaspa 3 Accessories Shop – Found Hearing, at local audiology clinics or even your local chemist. Jaspa 3 replacement parts are also available via our Jaspa 3 Accessories Shop – Found Hearing.

Jaspa 3 Support

You can access support for use of the Jaspa 3 via our Resources page which includes How to Videos on using the Jaspa 3, including correct insertion, cleaning and maintaining the device. The How to Videos also give information and tips on feedback management, how to acclimatise to hearing aid usage, inserting and removing batteries and other useful links to help you get the most out of the Jaspa 3. You can even call us if you need further assistance. Found Hearing has audiologists who can provide additional audiological information to assist you if required.

Don’t you need my hearing test?

It’s a great question. The Jaspa 3 is designed as a back-up digital hearing aid to suit a broad range of hearing loss and is not designed for customised programming. The amplification and power in the Jaspa 3 is suitable for those with mild to severe hearing loss, and access to the programs within the Jaspa 3 means it is also suitable for various configurations of hearing loss. To understand how the Jaspa 3 programs may assist you, use our interactive tool on the home page.
If you have never had a hearing test done before, we recommend you have a comprehensive hearing assessment done by a trained professional, such as an audiologist, to not only see if you are suitable or could benefit from a hearing aid, but also to assess whether there are any medical issues related to your hearing which need to be investigated further prior to utilising a hearing aid.